Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Qtube: Online Now On-Air!

I have a new show.

(Hired! is being pulled off the air and is being replaced by a docu-drama called, Chances Are, which is hosted by Paolo Abrera. But that's not my new show.)

My new show is called Qtube - the ultimate on-air guide to what's hip and hot online. I'm the show's spiels director, which means I work very closely with the show's lovely hosts, Magic 89.9 radio jock, Andi Manzano, and 2008 Mossimo Bikini Summit winner, Andy Smith.

I'm also the show's web writer. Sharing with you here the material I wrote which is now up on

(For more information on Qtube, visit our official website, For behind the scenes photos, visit our blog, The Andi and Andy Blog. For select segments from previous episodes, subscribe to our youtube channel, QtubeQTV. Add us up on Facebook and become a fan of our Facebook Fan Page. You can also follow us on twitter, @qtubeqtv.)


Celebrate the wonderful world of the web on-air with QTV’s newest Public Affairs magazine program, Qtube – your ultimate on-air guide to what’s hip and hot in cyberspace!

Witness TV history as online goes on-air for the first time in Qtube this Thursday, March 12, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11!


Watch TV, download music, post photos and videos, make new friends, and reconnect with old ones – there’s truly nothing you can’t do when you’re connected to the internet! Our whole lives are practically connected to – and through – the web. It’s no wonder we’re called the “Wired Generation.” And with the Philippines leading the way in Asia when it comes to photo uploading and social networking, it’s pretty safe to say that Filipinos are tech-savvy.

Geek or no geek, if you can’t live without logging on to the web, then you’ll definitely love us. Qtube is the ultimate merging of the net and the box! With Qtube, the power of the net is now within your reach – for real, and alive, right on your TV screens! Check out our 100% virus-free segments:

Blogger’s Digest
It’s all about being heard loud and proud on the net. Blogger’s Digest features the hottest blogs and the personalities behind them – from celebrity bloggers, to obscure but controversial non-celebrity bloggers, and vloggers who are not afraid to speak their minds. Find them all here in Blogger’s Digest.

i-Share and i-Share Exclusive
Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next internet star? With i-Share, you get the chance to upload your viral videos for the whole world to see – on TV! And with i-Share Exclusive, you get exclusive sneak peeks at the next video uploads of your favorite internet sensations before they’re even uploaded!

i-Shop is all about the wonderful world of cyber-shopping. We zone in on the world of online trading and show you everything from the best buys online to the weirdest finds on the internet. We’ll let you in on some of the best kept secrets of online shoppers. We’ll even let our hosts check out these products in person! iShop is definitely your ultimate guide to internet shopping!

i-Love features touching and inspiring love stories that happened via the internet. These are stories from you and by you – love stories so real they’ll make even the most skeptic cyber-surfer a true believer in l’amour.

i-Sore and i-Report
Thanks to the Internet, the world has become a smaller place. Breaking news spreads faster and no issue is left unturned. With iSore and iReport, we show you how the World Wide Web has shaped and continually shapes news, issues, and current events.

i-Travel is your on-air guide to online travel. Navigate your way through cyberspace to find the best destinations, the best rates, and the best travel packages. Get to see the world before you even leave your seats. With i-Travel, you get to stay updated with just one click and get in touch with Pinoys all over the world through your webcam.

Get 100% virus-free internet TV on Qtube every Thursday, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11!


She is a radio and video jock, while he is a sports jock. She is a commercial model, while he made it big on the ramp. Meet Andi and Andy, hosts of the newest and hippest show on TV – Qtube!

With their combined wits and energies, their chemistry, and their on-air charisma, Andi and Andy bring to the screen a freshness that’s rarely seen on TV. Having strong presence online and being tech-savvy themselves, both carry unique insight into the world of cyberspace.

Andi Manzano
She is more popularly known as Andi9, FM radio disc jock and VJ of an international music channel. At 14, she entered the world of show business as an on-cam talent, and has since made numerous TV and print commercials. In 2006, she became host of a popular morning show on radio, where she got the name Andi9. One year after, she crossed over from radio hosting to TV hosting. In Qtube, she now brings to fore her gift of gab and her magnetic personality.

Andy Smith
Filipino-Australian model, Andy Smith, started as a professional tennis player from Adelaide. At 14, he took up tennis full-time and turned professional at 16. He toured the circuit and obtained significant Australian and world rankings before sustaining an injury. He coached for over a year and took a fateful trip to the Philippines in 2007, when he was spotted in the GMA noontime show, Eat Bulaga. He was quickly signed on by a casting agency as model. The year after, he bagged a prestigious bikini summit title. Andy now brings to Qtube his dynamic persona and his drop-dead gorgeous looks.

Catch Andi and Andy on Qtube every Thursday, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11!


Online goes on-air for the first time this Thursday on Qtube!

Qtube explores the internet phenomenon, Facebook, and shows you how to navigate your way through this new and exciting social networking platform. Want to know how to beat the financial crisis? Qtube says, get an online job! Plus, check out the online version of our beloved Divisoria – the virtual shopping mecca, Evisorya! Then, meet the man behind the food and travel blog, Our Awesome Planet, Anton Diaz. Find out how the internet played Cupid to TV personality, Love Añover, and her husband-to-be, Joms Lianko. And finally, catch the world premiere of the latest internet upload from our friends at

i-Hotspot. It’s the black hole of precious time, a site so irresistible that you often find yourself surfing it for hours. Facebook is now one of the world’s number one social networking site. We’ll show you the ins and outs of Facebook, and give you a peek at the pages of QTV’s freshest faces, Qtube’s hosts, Andi Manzano and Andy Smith.

Special Feature. Beat the global economic crisis by discovering new ways of earning through cyberspace. Qtube delves into the world of virtual assistants. Meet Peter Juan, an online marketing director, who meets with his officemates, talks to his bosses, calls his clients – in his pajamas! Find out how you can earn ten times the minimum wage in the comforts of your own home.

i-Shop. Shop to your heart’s delight at Evisorya, your virtual Divisoria. Evisorya is an online shopping site where you can find everything that you can find in Divisoria, Quiapo and China town. Filipinos love to shop, so Bong Tuazon took Juan dela Cruz’ shopping addiction online through Evisorya. Find out more on i-Shop.

Blogger’s Digest. Get up close and personal with the man behind the food and travel site, Our Awesome Planet, celebrity blogger, Anton Diaz. Find out how his online weblog of his family adventures became the food and travel blog to visit.

i-Love. TV host, Love Anover, is not a stranger to online love affairs. Her first turned out badly, so when love came buzzing the second time around, she was sceptical. But a few Friendster clicks and messages after, she was back on track. Love found love the second time around, this time with bank employee, Jomar Lianko. After a few months of exchanging emails, frequent online messaging, an eyeball, and friendship, the couple sealed their relationship with a ring.

i-Share Exclusive. is known in cyberspace as the first Pinoy website to produce online shows that are broadcast quality. In this i-Share Exclusive, the guys at premiere their “flippish” work-out video on the streets. Get a sneak peek at their newest internet video sensation exclusively on Qtube!

All these and more on Qtube this Thursday, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11!

(For more information on Qtube, visit our official website, For behind the scenes photos, visit our blog, The Andi and Andy Blog. For select segments from previous episodes, subscribe to our youtube channel, QtubeQTV. Add us up on Facebook and become a fan of our Facebook Fan Page. You can also follow us on twitter, @qtubeqtv.)


  1. Great, great show, Glen! Really enjoyed your pilot! About time more bloggers get more airtime. Hehe. Looking forward to the next episode. :D

    Coy Caballes

  2. hi coy! thanks for the wonderful words. we should talk one day. i know there's a lot of knowledge and experience we can share - for the greater glory of blogging. hahahaha!

  3. yey! i'll be on on thursday! :D

  4. hi gud day i just wanna ask what are the websites for the home based works? thanks

  5. hey greenpinoy, congratulations!

  6. hi avi.

    you may try the following websites in your job search:

    best of luck!

  7. hi!

    thanks for the info..


  8. QTUBE rocks! It was really a great show! I just hope that it will be aired earlier than 10:15pi-em.^^

  9. hi ian benedict! thanks for watching. who knows, one of these days we might just get an earlier timeslot. let's keep crossing our fingers.

  10. does Qtube has an updated listings of their shows? Thanks!


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